Sunday, 8 November 2015

12.08.2015 ~ Fly from Sapporo to Tokyo

We lay in til 08:00 then I went to Lawsons to get breakfast while M packed the bathroom stuff away. We caught the 09:55 train from Sapporo to New Chitose Airport (37 minutes duration) and went to JAL ticket desk as we couldn't use the self-check-in computers. We got our boarding passes, had suitcases scanned (asked for fragile stickers to be put on small case) then through security to sit at the gate for 30 minutes. We were both pretty excited to get back to Tokyo!

On the plane we were in the very last row (3x3 seats on this plane) and there was a lot of turbulence for the last 15 minutes of flight. However we landed at Tokyo Haneda at 13:20, got our baggage, had a quick McDonalds (cheaper than UK) then got the subway at 14:00 to Shinogawa where we changed for the Yamamote Line. Arriving at Ueno station we used the Ikaya exit where it was then about 8 minute walk to the hotel. We checked in at 14:50, rested and changed then headed out to Akihabara and Don Quijote to buy cabin suitcases and souvenirs. SHOPPING TIME!!

Luckily we'd looked up the Don Quijote online before so we knew what facade to look for as there are no recognisable signs for it on the street. This is what you're looking for:

(If you're walking away from JR Akihabara Station you walk
alongside this building so you'd need to turn around to see this view)

Don Quijote is on floors 2-5 and once again has nearly everything you could ever want. We got 2 cabin suitcases to match our large suitcases we already had and spent a good hour or so looking around the whole shop for things to buy souvenir-wise. M is more careful with money than me (I enjoy a good impulse buy of cheap items) so we decided to come back tomorrow when he'd thought about what he wanted. We had a quick look around Trader for games etc but again agreed to come back tomorrow as I was getting Hangry (angry/hungry for those that don't experience it).

We got the train to Tokyo Station and ate dinner in North Yaesu Kitchen Street. I didn't get the name of the restaurant we went to, but it was a beef and fish place, so M had beef steak while I had raw salmon & avocado dish (both super tasty) with as much rice & sauce as you wanted for free!

After dinner it was back to the hotel for showers and sleep.

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