Sunday, 13 September 2015

25-07-2015 ~ Travel from UK to Tokyo via Moscow

(We'd bought our flights in November 2014 for around £620 return each with Aeroflot, flying via Moscow). 
We had an 11:50 flight from Terminal 4 London Heathrow with Aeroflot, which meant we had to leave the house at 07:00 for the 2 hour drive from Wolverhampton to Terminal 4 Long Stay parking (pre-booked was £103 for 3 weeks). The shuttle buses come every 10-15 minutes to take you from the long stay car park to the Terminal which takes 5 minutes.

I'd checked in online the night before but Aeroflot didn't have a baggage drop counter so we had to queue for an hour (!) at the online check-in counter. However we were told our luggage would be transferred at Moscow so we didn't have to worry (phew! it was 1.5 hour connection time between flights in Moscow, didn't want the extra stress of having to transfer luggage).

We were departing from Gate 20 so went to wait. We started boarding at 12:00; taxi'd back at 12.17 and take off was at 12.25. The plane had 3x3 seats. Slightly worried about late take off as we were due to arrive SVO 18:00 with boarding for next flight due to start at 18:20 & take-off at 19:00...

Flight from LHR to SVO was 3 hour 20 minutes, we landed 17:50 (Moscow local time) in Terminal F (! Flight details said we'd land in D & take off from D...). The flight to Tokyo was departing from Terminal D and it's a 15-20 minute walk from F to D. We were rushed through passport control & bag scans and then an Aeroflot employee was waiting to guide us to the connecting flight at gate 5. (Luckily as it was a long walk!) We joined the queue to board when there were only 3 people left in it. Phew! Boarded bus to the plane which was 2x4x2 seats.

Take off was scheduled for 19:00 but left at 19:15 probably due to late initial flight. Duration was 9 hours 20 minutes & due to arrive 10.30am (Tokyo local time). The plane had excellent entertainment facilities: Movies; TV Series; Games; Kids Channel etc. Earphones were provided, as were slippers & eye-mask.

We were served lunch on the first flight and then dinner and breakfast on the second flight. M had beef stew and chicken stew for lunch & dinner. I had ordered Lactose free meals which meant I had fish in tomato sauce with potatoes or rice and veg 2 out of 3 meals (I had the fish for lunch and then politely declined it at dinner and had the chicken main meal instead). Drinks were served before and after meals, with red or white wine being available with lunch and dinner, and otherwise it was juices, water, cans of fizz etc. For breakfast (about 8am Japan time) we both chose pancakes - super sweet! and a bit too much tbh at midnight UK time...

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